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Our Customers Are Employers 

If you are an Employer you are already increasingly aware of the high costs of benefits. The costs of benefits are continuing to increase each and every year. Fortunately, the costs associated with retirement plans are finally going down! Gone are the days when an insurance company can hide behind outrageous fees. It has been commonplace to have hidden fees that could exceed 3 to 4 percent of each employee deposit. And while the retirement plan provider is charging those same high fees, they are collecting another .50% to .75% from the mutual fund companies for placing assets with them. The money has to come from some place... And we all know where it is coming from, your employees. 


The Ultimate 401k™ was created because the participants of 401k's are saddled with excessive and all too often hidden fees. Additionally, the vast majority of participants simply would like to turn the investment decision making over to a professional with a proven track record. Providing professional money managers within a 401k platform will eliminate negative investor behavior and enable the highest quality of retirement planning for the employee. 

A 401(k) is like an airplane. It takes you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow. The problem with most 401(k) platforms is that the passenger is put in the pilot's seat with no training. The Ultimate 401k™ was developed to "put the money manager in the cock pit and the participant back in the passenger's seat." 

How is The Ultimate 401k™ different? 
The Ultimate 401k™ differs from traditional 401(k) platforms by combining the benefits of an online platform with actively managed model portfolios while still being highly cost effective. 


Summary of what makes this 401(k) The Ultimate 401k™ 

Low fees 
Trading costs approximately $4.95/equity trade and $12.95/non-equity trade
Professional money manager +/- .50% 
Add on for representative +/- .50% 

Full fee disclosure 
All Service Providers have agreed to not take any "advertising fees", "non-disclosed service fees", "Sub Transfer Agency fees (sub TA fees)", "12b-1 fees" or any other fees that the 401k industry has created at the expense of the participants.

Professional Money Management 
The Ultimate 401k has a panel of money managers to manage a company's participants' 401k accounts. If you prefer to use your own money manager, our trading platform can easily accommodate this! 

401k.DI™ is a disability income plan that pays a plan participant a lump sum in the event of a long-term disability. The lump sum is based upon the equivalent of the balance of contributions anticipated by the participant. This unique and extremely valuable benefit can be "built in to the  401k™" or taken on a voluntary basis. Either way it is an excellent way to fill the retirement gap created by a long-term disability. Another unique feature of The Ultimate 401k™ ! 

True Open Architecture 

ADR's (American Depository Receipts)
MF's (Mutual Funds)
TPA - Any Third-Party Administrator that you want and we approve. 
Money Manager - Any money manager that you want and we approve

Who is the TPA? 
The TPA is completely open and up to the Plan trustees. We have several TPAs that can help meet a client's needs and budget, or you can continue to use the TPA that you are currently using. 

How are the funds selected? 
It depends on whether the participant decides to let a professional money manager manage the participant's funds or if the participant chooses to manage his own money. 

Investments for The Ultimate 401k.DI™ professionally managed portfolios are chosen by the money managers themselves. 

For the participants that decide to manage their own money we use index funds that fill: 1) each of the Morningstar® Style Boxes, 2) 4 bond funds, and 3) a fund for cash. Index funds are used for their low management fees, yet the returns tend to mirror the index they follow. Using this approach eliminates style drift (investing in funds other than the selected category like large cap, etc.), reduces fund overlap, and reduces the expense of a detailed fiduciary review of the funds. In short, a participant that manages his own account will have approximately 15 mutual funds to choose from. 

How does the representative get paid? 
The Ultimate 401k™ is a fee-based platform, thus no "commission" is paid. The representative will have a set fee in the form of a percentage of assets under management deducted from the Plan's assets and we pay the representative. 

What are the advantages of The Ultimate 401k™ ? 
The biggest advantage to The Ultimate 401k™ is how we make the whole investment process simple and easy for the participant. Less is more! The representative can focus on guiding the employee to make appropriate decisions regarding retirement planning, rather than discussing individual funds and how to build a diversified portfolio. Because employees do not have to select funds, negative investing behaviors such as panic selling, market timing and chasing last year's hot performers are all but eliminated.

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